Festive Food and Wine Holiday Gift Baskets: What A Perfect Holiday Pairing!

The temperatures may be chilly inside, but all it takes is a glass of wine, a tasty morsel, and the company of laughing family and friends to warm you right up during the holidays. Our Wine Holiday Gift Baskets are so popular, especially during the holidays, and it's easy to see why – wine and delicious goodies simply make for the perfect pair. In addition to the gourmet cheese, crackers, meats, and chocolates in our wine holiday gift baskets, read on for some favorite wine and food pairings! Cabernet Sauvignon/White Zinfandel and Dark Chocolate Dark chocolate, which is featured in some of our wine holiday gift baskets, has a great reputation for being full of antioxidants, and has such a full, robust flavor. Cabernet Sauvignon and White Zinfandel are known for pairing so well with dark chocolate. The hearty flavor of the Cab and Zinfandel will complement the strong taste of the dark chocolate on your palette. Prosciutto and Chardonnay We just love simple prosciutto appetizers, such as melon wrapped in prosciutto. Pair this light, tasty delight with an equally delicate wine, like a Pinot Blanc or a Chardonnay. It's always best to pair the strength of the food's taste with a wine that has an equal strength level, and these two make for a great intro to the rest of your meal or wine and food party. Mini Crab Cakes and Sauvignon Blanc Crab cakes are so delicious, making mini crab cakes every bit of delicious, but party-friendly, too! Acidic wines pair very well with fried foods, as well as creamy sauces and spreads, so pair mini crab cakes and remoulade sauce with Sauvignon Blanc, an acidic wine that has a great deal of flexibility to it. Bruschetta and Shiraz Bruschetta is a party staple and always looks so gourmet, yet is one of the easiest appetizers to create. Simply brush small baguettes with olive oil, bake them for ten minutes, and top with a mixture of olive oil, tomato slices, basil leaves, and feta cheese. Pair the bruschetta with a hearty red wine, like Shiraz. Wine Holiday Gift Baskets give you the ideal wine and food pairings, perfectly packaged in a beautiful gourmet gift basket. Choose our wine holiday gift baskets as your hostess gift for the holiday parties you're attending, or simply purchase it for yourself when you host your own wine and food party.