Fathers Day Gift Baskets for Every Dad!

Father's Day Gift Baskets for Every Dad!

While there are exceptions to every rule, the majority of dads are hard to shop for. There are several different ‘types' of dads, and our best guess would be that most fall into the “I don't really want anything" category. There are also the “I already have too much stuff" dads, and the “Everything I want that is affordable I've already bought myself, so unless it's a yacht, I don't need it" dads. The good news? One of our Father's Day gift baskets makes the perfect present for any of these dad types, as well as dad types we might have missed! Father's Day Gift Baskets for “I don't really want anything" Dads Has your dad happily been wearing the same t-shirts since high school? Does he carry his lunch in the same weather-beaten cooler he purchased sometime in the 1980s? Is he baffled by all the things that people buy because he genuinely has no interest in 99% of them? Oh, how we wish we shared this outlook with your dad! There is no telling how much money we would have saved over the years. I have learned that no matter how nice the new t-shirt or swanky the new cooler, these dads are just going to smile and thank you and keep on using their old ones. So what type of Father's Day gift baskets are best for them? The kind that are completely consumable! Cookies, candy, gourmet treats – whatever best suits your dad's tastes. Once he's enjoyed all the goodies inside, he can use the basket to keep his remote control close by, or give it to your mom and let her make good use of it. Even dads who don't want anything have to eat! Father's Day Gift Baskets for “I already have too much stuff" Dads Though more rare than the “I don't really want anything" Dads, who can fit the majority of their possessions in a backpack, the “I already have too much stuff" Dads are out there! Oftentimes that abundance of stuff falls into one or two categories, such as sporting equipment, tools, or lawn care supplies. We all know at least one dad who has more specialty rakes than we even knew existed, and prizes them all equally! If your dad is an outdoorsy fella, we recommend our Great Outdoorsman Father's Day gift baskets, full of savory treats. Does he prefer the simpler, sweeter side of good eats? Our Coffee and Donuts care package is the way to go! Father's Day Gift Baskets for “Everything I want that is affordable I've already bought myself" Dads If your dad falls under this category, I have some firsthand insight to offer! My own dad was definitely this type, always the first to purchase everything from cutting-edge electronics to the latest in entertainment systems. We had a camcorder before anyone else I knew, a computer before anyone else I knew, and luckily for me, a Nintendo before anyone else I knew. He just couldn't wait to try his hand at Duck Hunt! While these dads can be hard to shop as their tastes run on the expensive side, we do have the perfect gift in mind – our Around the World Beer Basket. You might not be able to squeeze an actual trip around the world for dad in your budget, but these popular Father's Day gift baskets offer up a sampling of some of the world's best beers. He can relax the night away with a couple of cold ones playing video games in the backyard on the outdoor television!