Red Wine Gift Baskets Take Us On A Flight Through Red Wine Varietals

Red Wine Gift Baskets Take Us On A Flight Through Red Wine Varietals

Whether you pronounce it “tomatoe" or “tomato", it'll always be a tomato. You may not realize it, but it's the same with red wine – it may be a blush red or a dark red, but it's still considered a red wine. We learned a thing or two about red wine when we launched our Red Wine Gift Baskets collection, and we just think sending a client, friend, or family member a red wine gift basket is a wonderful way to say thank you, I love you, or simply – just thinking of you! Let's take off on our flight through the eight red wine varietals.


Shiraz, or Syrah, is a dark red wine that pairs especially well with meat. It has undercurrents of blackcurrant, with black pepper spice and roasting meat overtones. Shiraz is known as a spicy red wine with great depth – perfect for those people who spice up your life!


New to red wine, or sending red wine gift baskets, like our Napa Experience Wine Gift Basket, and unsure whether the recipient loves red wine? You're in luck – merlot, including the Charles Krug Merlot in our Napa Experience gift basket, is known as a beginner's red wine. You'll likely pucker your lips over the blend of blackberries and plums in merlot, but it's the perfect way to introduce your palate to the delights of red wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet sauvignon is truly a “full bodied" red wine, and pairs best with red meat. It has a rich taste that will take precedence in your mouth, and is a more advanced red wine on your wine flight. It's a wine you'll treasure in our red wine gift baskets.


Malbec's traits largely depend on where its grapes are grown – the French Bordeaux region, Argentina, Chile, Australia, and California. It's known for generally tasting of plum and spice, and tends to be relatively easy to drink.

Pinot Noir

Pinot noir is often described as both refreshing and delicate, and like a Malbec, its taste also tends to depend on where its grapes are grown. There can be undercurrents of cherry, strawberry, and plum, and the Willamette Valley Founders' Reserve Pinot Noir in our West Coast Wine Country Red Wine Gift Basket pairs well with grilled salmon, chicken, lamb, and more.


Zinfandel makes both blush wines and dark red wines, and is a favorite among our red wine gift basket customers. It's only found in California, and has flavors of berries and pepper. Yum!


Whipping up a dish from one of our Italian Meal Gift Baskets? Sangiovese pairs especially well with Italian dishes, and is a medium-bodied wine. It provides lingering tastes of berry and plum flavors, and the only addition you'll need is a delicious candle-lit dinner.


Barbera wines often remind us of Merlots, but with more of a black cherry taste on the palate. They're often found in the California wine regions, and are a very versatile wine – chances are they'll pair well with nearly any dish you create!

Preparing your own red wine flight – or sending Red Wine Gift Baskets so the gift recipient can – is a wonderful way to spend an evening in and create a beautiful memory. We hand select only the most superior wines for our red wine gift baskets, and we hope you enjoy your red wine flight and becoming acquainted with all the red wine varietals!